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Aeolian islands holiday 2021

Our holiday proposals at the Aeolian Islands are not pre-packaged tour but real ad hoc itineraries, with love and passion. We propose sought after travels, and we differentiate them in accordance with the tourist needs.

We take care of all details in order to make the holiday unforgettable. Every itinerary is in harmony with the current season, with the hours of light and night, with the needs and desires of the traveller.

We develop tailor made projects based on the personality of our customer only after we have earned all the detailed information from them.

We grant assistance before, during, and after the travel (when you’ll be missing the Aeolian Islands). You’ll have all our contacts and we’ll be available at every moment of the day.

Aeolian Escape | Your 2021 Holiday at The Aeolian Islands

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