Greetings Travellers, 

I am Alessia Ristuccia, founder of Aeolian Escape, and I am Aeolian to the bone. I have been working in hospitality for 15 years, as a front desk agent first, and as executive assistant then. 

My days were very busy, but I always squeezed enough time to discover new natural paths, as well as architectural details and tales of the places of the Islands, to charm my guests at work. I used to take paper and pen to draw itineraries of the day without ever forgetting to include the delicacies the place had to offer. 

I decided to become a Travel Designer to put my knowledge of the territory I was born in at the service of the guest.

Our travel proposals are not pre-packaged tour but real ad hoc itineraries, with love and passion. We propose sought after travels, and we differentiate them in accordance with the tourist needs. 

We take care of all details in order to make the vacation unforgettable. Every itinerary is in harmony with the current season, with the hours of light and night, with the needs and desires of the traveller. 

We develop tailor made projects based on the personality of our customer only after we have earned all the detailed information from them.

We grant assistance before, during, and after the travel (when you’ll be missing the Islands). You’ll have all our contacts and we’ll be available at every moment of the day.

How does it work?

Discover our Travel Design service in four simple steps.

1. Contact Aeolian Escape

Send your request from the Tailor-Made section and we will answer with an email to deepen the details of your travel. You will tell us how you imagine your vacation and we’ll start to pin some points and stages; we’ll structure the path day by day depending on your needs.

When the destination is decided, we start planning a trip that is tailored to you.

2. Sending the itinerary

Once the itinerary is completed, we will send you a roadmap complete with everything, as well as suggestions of what to put in your suitcase and what to taste on the road.

We can tweak the proposal until you’re completely satisfied.

3. Book now! It’s time to discover the Aeolian Islands

Are you happy with the project? Confirm your reservation and get ready to go. We take care of booking accommodation and transfers. We create guided excursions and look after the finer detail from restaurant bookings to museum tickets. We’ll give you all the details to proceed with the payment and we’ll soon meet here in the Islands.

We are available 24/7 by phone while you’re away to provide full support.

4. Welcome home

When the holiday is over, and you are back at home we’ll get in touch so you can tell us all about your trip.

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