People keep asking us if the next year will be profitable for tourism. This is a question that has many answers and not all of them agree with each other.

Many colleagues from all over Italy are afraid that 2021 might be another black year for tourism, due to the actual pandemic situation of Covid-19, and many are struggling right now to keep their business working.

We can’t pretend nothing’s happened so far, and we can’t make any clinical prediction, but we at Aeolian Escape can give you a few suggestions about why the next year could represent a comeback for tourism, especially in small places like the Aeolian Islands.


Malfa - Salina Island - Aeolian Islands

Easy to say that the Aeolian Archipelago is a beautiful place, with its seven major islands that offer different realities and services for guests of all profiles. It’s a matter of fact that more than 50% of people coming here are repeaters, meaning that once they come for the first time, they will return year after year, usually lodging in the same hotels and houses. So it’s not only love at first sight with the place, but also with hospitality.

If you want some examples of what you can expect to find at the Aeolian Islands, here is small list of interests you cannot miss when you are planning your holyday.

  • Go to Salina, the greenest island, and the most famous place in the world for the production of capers, where the eno-gastronomic culture is very developed, between tradition and innovation.
  • For the lovers of wine, Salina offers a unique frame and a wide choice of local wines, first among them the famous Malvasia delle Lipari. Also, fishing tourism is quite common, and if you choose to come by a private sailboat you will discover that there are a lot of spectacular places to visit all around the archipelago.
  • f you go to Lipari, another “mother of wine”, you can discover that the cultural trails and the historical paths are twisted together with the daily life of the local families of fishermen. Lipari was also a referment to all the islands under its jurisdiction, that’s why the local Malvasia took the name of Malvasia delle Lipari.
  • Panarea is another incredibly famous place to go to for a vacation. Think this island is the most fashion place of the Aeolian Sea, where are VIPs come when it’s time to have a classy drink on a beautiful terrace with an infinity view.
  • Stromboli might be your point of interest if you love strong natural experiences. This island is nothing but an active volcano full of might, crossed by human paths and occupied by a small settlement of people who live behind the cauldron side of the crater, sheltered only by the paths and directions that the lava flows take with it’s daily small eruptions.
  • Try Vulcano if you like trekking with a view. There are a lot of roads for trekking scattered around the islands, but the ones in Vulcano will give you the best and most comprehensive view of the whole archipelago.
  • Also, Vulcano is famous for the production of ricotta, and fresh goat cheese, another point of value to add to the general evaluation you can build about this place.
  • And if the production of cheese isn’t your cup of tea, you might be happy to discover that there’s a special and unique production of Ciliegiolo wine here, a variety that you normally find in the Central and Northern Italy.
  • Alicudi and Filicudi are examples of the most ancient places you can visit around here, and they also represent the old way of living on the Aeolian Islands. If you want to jump in the past of the old Aeolian families, these two are the right places for you. This doesn’t sound like the classic vacation, right?


Capofaro - Salina island - Aeolian Islands - Malvasia Capofaro Salina

Most people will have a particular interest in coming here, but there is a common thread that links all the archipelago together.
This thread runs through silence, absence of rush, tranquility, good taste, healthy lifestyle. This is a place that hates crowds and noise, where the regular guest must have a certain profile to fit in.

People who come here have very specific needs and passions that they can satisfy or at least mitigate, while they can recover from their city life and retire in beautiful locations, with tailor made services and special attention for them.

Maybe you are a true passionate of wine, and you would like see the Aeolian Islands to visit the cellars and go for all-day wine tastings, but know that the second reason why you would (and should) come here for is the love for silence, nature, sea, and mountain. It’s not just having wine tasting, cooking classes, sailing tours; it’s having them in this wonderful reality. Your vacation will be unique and different each and every time you come back here.


Hotel Signum Salina - Vip Vacation

The whole archipelago has an extremely low population density and tourism cannot break its distribution mechanism. The last Census (2019) says that the population of the whole archipelago counts 15.420 inhabitants for 126,4 square kilometers, so divided: Lipari, the most populated has around 10.700; Salina is the second with only 2900; then we have Stromboli, Vulcano, Panarea, Alicudi and Filicudi, with none of them exceeding 300 citizens.

Think that some of these people are not even living here anymore. During summertime, the population can triple itself with the presence of tourists, but only between late July and the end of August.

Moreover, most hotels offer rooms scattered all around big properties, which implies distance between people, as well as more silence and privacy. The classic hotel structure is not very popular (or even functional). There is a lot of choice to go dining outside the hotels, and the same goes for renting cars, boats, having a walk in the vineyards and so on. The fact that you have a lot of exclusivity makes yours a really special holiday, a perfect vacation.

At the current state there is going to be a huge increase in demand for these places like the Aeolian Archipelago, which can grant you privacy, distancing, and high quality of stay. Don’t forget that the Aeolian Islands are experiencing a trend of growth of luxury and ultra-luxury lately, reason for people to start investing in new cutting-edge services with tailor made operators and enterprising people.


Sunset Stromboli - Aeolian Islands

Summer 2021 is not so close, and yet not so far. Think that we are planning what to do for the next year and as that moment closes in, we are starting to receive the first requests for information about the developments and the rules concerning the next tourism season.

The Aeolian Archipelago is beautiful to be lived all the year, but if you want to squeeze the best out of it, April to November is gonna be the best period for you to visit us, whenever you choose to stop by Salina or the other beautiful islands.

If you want to talk with a professional contact us from Aeolian Escape, and we will prepare your tailor-made vacation for the year 2021 at the Aeolian Islands.

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