If it is surprising that Filicudi has 200 citizens, you will be completely shocked to know that Alicudi only hosts 100 inhabitants. You are now approaching the reign of silence.

The island is 675 meters tall, with a very high degree of slope, and adding the underwater part of the descent it would be 1500 meters of the same block of land. The only inhabited side is the South-East one, being almost completely hidden from the view of the other sister islands from town. 

Alicudi is less reliant on tourism than the other islands. There’s only one hotel, just one restaurant, and then it’s all stairs and houses. The town centre is the post office, where people come and go to get news and packages. The slopes are so critical that the only way to climb up is to use stairs, so, once in Alicudi, people must climb up stairs on stairs since the whole town is built on different levels. 

Only stairs means no regular roads, which means no cars and no bikes. The only way is to go on foot or by donkey!

This noble animal is fed and pampered by locals because it’s the only one who can help them transporting materials, from groceries to building stuff, so it’s commendable to treat them well if the occasion to sit on them arises.

Alicudi, like the other islands, is a mother of life. You can find grapes, olives, capers, mastic and other plants and fruits, as well as many unique species and animals who live hidden here, like bats and pink flamingos. Don’t be afraid of this silent harsh nature, and nature will reward you with its golden fruits.

As told in the folkloristic talks, beware of the witches!

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