Volcanic emotions, beautiful landscapes, cultural trails, food and wine, sailing… If you had not already had enough reasons to come here, we are going to give you one more: fishing tourism (and not the typical one).

But first things first. The Mediterranean, for the ones that come from outside, is an incredibly special place. Not only it hosts a huge variety of fish and crustaceans, but also offers the possibility to fish in a quite frame. And with “quite” we are not talking about absence of noise or visual pollution, which already exists since long. It is more about having not too many visitors around and going around in relatively small boats to do the job, which makes small impact on the ecosystem.

It’s quite uncommon to see big fishing boats running the seas forth and back in this area. Also, fishing is very selective and attentive when we talk about protected species, sizes, and reproductive periods of fish. Basically, you will never find any “big boy” harvesting all the harvestable in the sea coming by you and ruining your day, also because to be selective you must be precise and you must know what you are fishing. Big boats and ships usually fish with big nets, which would not help at all in this process. Fishing here is being aware and sensible toward the sea.

So, this is one problem down. Another good thing is that you can travel from distance and come at the Aeolian Islands directly by private boat, whenever you are coming from Capo d’Orlando, Taormina, Naples, and so on, avoiding getting through the public transport and its times. This last part makes a big difference into attracting high profile guests to our coasts.


Luxury Fishing Tourism Italy - Sicily - Aeolian Island - Salina

Alessia, the founder of this travel design company, comes from a family of fishermen, so she is very sensible and prepared when it comes to fishing. With attention, you will be recommended with the best boats you can find around the Aeolian Islands, and not only best in terms of speed and fishing gears, but also in terms of stay and leisure. 
We are making the difference choosing the best boats available that suit you, all around the Archipelago and over.

Firstly, you can decide the kind of fishing you may want to practice. There is a lot of choice, if you think that you can choose the whole range from freediving to trawling, from mechanic to electric, with the best steel components at your disposal. The sea is full of bounties, and you may catch tuna, albacore, saddled bream, scorpionfish, turbot, barracuda, swordfish, and many others.

The boats will be fast enough to bring you quickly from that spot where you usually catch amberjack to that one where you might get two swordfishes with a single, long tug. Also, if you are a lover of peace, you may go for squids during the nighttime, with the magic atmosphere of the Aeolian Sea at night.
The Aeolian Islands also have a specific peculiarity when we talk about seabed depth.

All the coasts fall into deep sea at very close range from the shore. This means that certain species that usually require a long trip to be found, can be spotted near the coast, where the surface already hides a deep bottom. For example, one could catch a red squid not far from his departing port, rather than going for a 30 o 60 minutes run before finding the right place.

As you can see, nothing is too far to be reached and different places offer different challenges, even to veteran fishermen, and we can accommodate you with every and single possible experience.


Luxury Fishing Tourism Italy - Sicily - Aeolian Island - Salina

And there are many reasons for this. You can cook your fish on your boat, since you’ve chosen one with a shiny kitchen, or maybe you can go to that fine restaurant that you have spotted during your trip, and let their Chef cook it for you. We offer many solutions for different tastes, not ever forgetting that style and substance have a long way to go together. We want you to have time to enjoy your stay and if you want to sweat or relax during your fishing trip, it’s only up to you.

And of one thing you can be sure: only professionals are hired for this kind of job.
We want to be clear: this is not a service created out of nowhere. There was already plenty of choice when we started gathering our contacts, so we are giving you a chance to discover it now and book it easily for when the right time comes. We are just telling you it’s easier than you think.

Coming here on a luxury private boat is like when you want to jump to that point of a song or a movie, and you don’t want to get through all the previous parts. Once we had VHS, that could be our actual public transport: cool, comfortable, but not very practical when it comes to jump form a point to another. Today we have digital devices, that can be compared to our private boats: quick, precise, right to the perfect spot, and amazingly comfortable.

Some of the boats that do skipping and/or rental are incredibly comfy. If you want you can equip them for having a massage on the way, or maybe you can choose to have a larger crew if you need more attentions, more care for cuisine, or simply if you are more people than just a couple interested in fishing going for a love tour.

If you touch land because you want to take a break or have a different experience you can notice that there is plenty of locations that can suit refined tastes, from beautiful terraces to Michelin-starred restaurants.

Luxury fishing tourism has all the potential to start growing at Aeolian Islands, especially now that people are looking for private and safe services, but only time will tell us how deep people will enjoy this spectacular sport.

If you want to know more about luxury fishing tourism, you can always contact us and ask anything for your perfect sailing day at the Aeolian Islands.

Luxury Fishing Tourism Italy - Sicily - Aeolian Island - Salina

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