Cultural Trail


8 days – 7 nights

from € 1,900.00*

A travel to the discovery of tales and treasures of the past. The Aeolian Islands host cultures and traditions in their territory that deserve to be lived and told. Museums and archeological sites witness the enterprise of people who changed their uses, on fishing and agriculture, who reinvented themselves emigrating, going overseas to come back later in their motherland, to invest in the new creation of magnificent produces.

We want to gift you with a cultural extraordinary mix of archeology, nature and cuisine traditions. We’ve chosen style locations, with vintage furniture, that offer every comfort. You will go in the kitchens, discover the secret recipes of the Aeolian families, and you will drink fine wine listening to their tales, and admiring the surrounding environment.

*Price is per person and it will be defined in consideration of period, type of accommodation and special requests of the guests. Every package is customizable depending on the needs of our clients.


Day 1 - Welcome in Salina & Relax

You will arrive in Catania, take a transfer to Milazzo, and a hydrofoil to Salina.
You will lodge in Salina for a whole week, and so have time to visit it all.
The first day will be all focused on relax, and you will also have time for a walk around during the evening, so you can see the local activities.

Day 2 - Visit Lingua and the Museums

After a good breakfast, you will rent a scooter, so you can go and visit the little town of Lingua. There are an archeological museum and a sea museum with a rich heritage, both interesting to visit even if you are not passionate of the subject.
You can have a good lunch with the typical “pane cunzato” and some granita, especially when they say that the best granita is made here in Lingua.
In the afternoon you will have all the time to enjoy the sea and relax.

Day 3 - Walk in two vineyards – Visit the Emigration Museum

Your third day will be busy.
You will go visit two wineries, have two wine tastings and two walks in the vineyards.
After that (and after lunch of course) you will pay a visit to the Museum of Emigration
, another milestone of the local culture, located in Malfa.


Day 4 - Lipari between Museum and Weaving class

You will have a beautiful breakfast, then go to Lipari. In Lipari, it is located the biggest museum of the area, counting 40 rooms, that cover back since the prehistorical period of the islands. In the same morning you can also go to visit the Cathedral and Marina Corta, the old harbor of the isle. We will recommend a good place to have a typical lunch, then, in the afternoon, you will go to have a weaving lesson and after, finally, back to Salina, to spend an evening of relax.

Day 5 - Pastry Cooking Class - Pollara

The first activity of your fifth day will be a cooking class about local pastries and desserts.
After lunch you will go to Pollara, to visit the house of “Il Postino” (The postman), a famous local spot where some of the best cutscenes of the Italian cinema were set. And if you think everything Pollara has to offer is already there, we can tell you that there is a very good place to make an aperitif, with good music and a beautiful position to see the sunset in all seasons, plus there’s a good place to go have dinner.

Day 6 - Private Boat tour to Filicudi – Museum & Trekking

The sixth day of your trail will lead you to the museum of Filicudi, one of the most ancient and silent places of the archipelago. The island also offers some good trekking paths, so it would be a shame not to visit them. Anyway, you will have all your day to go around, so time won’t be a problem, and after that you will sail back to Salina and still have room for aperitif and dinner.

Day 7 - Ape-Calessino Tour & Churches

Breakfast in hotel, “ape-calessino tour”, and a visit to the best churches of Salina, all different and situated in different places at different heights and landscapes. It will take some time, but you will have a lot of collateral stops to enjoy the life in Salina. For your last night in the archipelago we will suggest you only the best restaurants for dinner.

Day 8 - Last Morning – Transfer to Catania Airport

It’s time to say goodbye to your dear Salina.
You will retrace your steps to the airport of Catania, then leave Sicily… Or maybe not.

What is included?

7 nights stay in ***Hotel
Daily full breakfast
Private Transfer between Catania airport and Milazzo on days 1,8
Hydrofoil tickets on days 1,4,8
Rent scooter on day 2
Taxi on days 1,3,4,8
Wine Tasting on day 3
Weaving class on day 4
Pastry cooking class on day 5
Private boat tour on days 6
Ape Calessino tour with a local guide on day 7
Assistance 24/7

What is  not included?

Extras and services not mentioned under “included”
Hotel incidentals (room service, laundry service, extra)


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