Filicudi, sunny Filicudi. 

With its 200 citizens, it is famous to be one of the least populated islands not only in the Aeolian Archipelago but in the entire Italian continent. 

Filicudi was “forged” by one of the first eruptions of the area and was with the highest probability the first place that had become inhabitable for animals. It is said that this island is full of mystery and charm, both strictly connected with savage nature.

In fact, there is no streetlight of any kind: no lamps, no bulbs, no neon. When the night comes it becomes the kingdom of darkness or Silverlight, if it’s new moon the first or full moon the latter.

The complete lack of artificial light in the streets is not a remiss but it’s made on purpose , so local people, as well as travellers, can clearly see the starred sky, and can also better capture the red lights if an eruption is to happen somewhere in the archipelago.

One of the most popular reasons to visit the island is see the Neolithic ruins of the ancient village of the town, called Rovine di Filobraccio, however if one were to come only for a quick stop or for leisure they would surely have a go of local food, especially prickly figs… or maybe they would prefer to set sail around the island to see the dolphins and sea turtles.

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