The biggest island of the archipelago’s name comes from the ancient Greek Lipara which means brilliant, shiny, fertile, and it’s not a case if the island is actually green and beautiful. Lipari hosts most of the other islands’ city patronage.

Here, it is very common to go and visit churches and old buildings, which are part of the city of Lipari, so called after the island.

For the lovers of unique landscapes, the white cave of pumice of Lipari is attractive and pleasuring at the same time, and if one decides to go there, they will see the sexy, turquoise colour of the sea, in between the dunes of white stone, giving them a once in a lifetime spot to take pictures.

Nonetheless the island is full of fantastic panoramic spots to see all around it, and places like the observatory and the shores are a must-see among the beauties of this magic place. There are plenty of places connected via land, and there are some that require a fabulous boat trip to be discovered, isolated among the rocks and the mountains all around them, where people go to find tranquillity and serenity.

One that really deserves a mention is the Belvedere di Quattrocchi, the most suggestive place of the whole island, from where there’s a clear view of the fabled Faraglioni and the close sister Vulcano.

Last but not least, there’s an archeological museum, which will lead you to a jump into the past of all the seven islands, unveiling the secrets and the uses of the old inhabitants of the place.

Don’t forget to go for a bite here and there and try the typical food inherited from the past generations.

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