Marine Life Experience


8 days – 7 nights

from € 4,100.00*

For the lovers of the sea, for the curious, for the ones that want to feel new emotions and want to submerge in the pristine Aeolian waters. You can admire the rocky seabed, ships wrecks and remnants, archeological sites, coral formations, and you will learn to recognize aquatic species. You’ll be able to alternate boat excursions, snorkelling, diving, and relaxing moments. You will live the adrenaline of fishing, the sighting of cetaceans and sea turtles. You will taste the traditional dishes, entering the fishermen’s houses, and have time to walk around the most typical spots of the islands. During the excursions you will be accompanied by professionals and veteran of the job, that will offer you the knowledge and the gear needed to grant fun and security.

*Price is per person and it will be defined in consideration of period, type of accommodation and special requests of the guests. Every package is customizable depending on the needs of our clients.


Day 1 - Arrival in Salina – Welcome meeting

After your arrival in Catania, you will go to Milazzo to take the hydrofoil to Salina. Today you will have all the time to get comfortable with Salina and with the archipelago, so we will just let you free with a few suggestions on what to do and where to go.

Day 2 - Guided Snorkelling in Salina

This is the first day of a long streak of days of sailing, snorkelling, and scuba-diving. After breakfast you will be taken on a boat tour around the island of Salina. A scuba-diving teacher will accompany you during all your excursions in the most beautiful places of the coast. The sea here in the archipelago is crystal clear, but sometimes the weather makes it hard to reach certain places if it is windy.

Luckily, there is always at least one side or one cove where you can swim freely without big waves or wind on your back.

Day 3 - Scuba-Diving in Lipari

On day three you’re gonna go to Lipari, the biggest island among all. You will be guided in one of the best experiences the Archipelago has to offer. You will be back in Salina before sunset, with time for a good aperitive and dinner.

Day 4 - Guided Snorkelling in Panarea

Today you will go to Panarea, where the sands turn white and the seabed looks brighter and clearer.
Panarea is unmatched in terms of social life and trend, and a lot of people usually go there by boat, and linger around her for a pretty long time, sometimes even for days.

In this context, you will be guided to a snorkelling tour around different places, that will offer you a clear vision of what is usually good in the other islands and looks perfect in Panarea’s surroundings.

Day 5 - Guided Snorkelling in Filicudi

This vacation is all about this: wake up, have breakfast, go swim, get back, eat, sleep, repeat.
The fifth beautiful day of your stay is going to take you to the silent Filicudi, another great place to go snorkelling. You will be the lone star that inhabits the galaxy when you get there, with all the places probably available for you and only a few more people, beside your guide of course.

Day 6 - Scuba-Diving in Salina

If at this point you have not got tanned yet, you probably went for a vacation somewhere else. The sun is very gentle here, so don’t be afraid of taking your time outside to relax.

Your last day of diving is gonna be in Salina again, but this time you will practice scuba-diving and not snorkelling. It will not only be a beautiful day like the others before, but also a way to test your skills and endurance, since this will be your fifth day of swimming and diving in a row.

Day 7 - Relax and Wine tasting

The last day of your stay you will be about to recover and relax, and for this we have also organised a visit to one of the local wine producers, with a tour of the island of Salina with a private driver.

Day 8 - Last Morning – Transfer to Catania Airport

It’s time to take your suitcase and head back to Milazzo, and then to the airport of Catania Fontanarossa.

We hope that you will bring back not only your belongings but also some great experiences and good memories that will last forever.

What is included?

7 nights stay in ****Hotel
Daily full breakfast
Private Transfer between Catania airport and Milazzo on days 1,8
Hydrofoil tickets on days 1,8
Taxi on days 1,2,3,4,5,6,8
In room Welcome on day 1
Guided Snorkelling on days 2,4,5
Scuba-Diving on days 3,6
Tour of Salina with a guide on day 7
Wine Tasting on day 7
Assistance 24/7

What is not included?

Extras and services not mentioned under “included”
Hotel incidentals (room service, laundry service, extra)


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