Panarea is the smallest among the major islands of the Aeolian Archipelago.

The town in Panarea is made of a thick web of narrow streets, with white houses and commercial activities all mixed up together. 

You can only move by electric cars or bikes here, and anything larger than a golf cart would not fit into the streets of the island. 

This is the best place to linger in parties, fashion, and expensive wines if you like them. The spirit of the place is to go all out in great style, to give your time the highest value anyone could afford here in the islands. 

Panarea strongly relies on tourism to live, and it’s tourism that gave her the fame she has today. In the early 1950s the island was involved in a process that entailed the abandonment of agriculture to prefer hospitality, and twenty years later, in the ’70s, it had already shifted to a completely new place.

The white sands of this ancient island are in contrast with most of the black ones that you will find in the rest of the area, and there are a lot of cool spots to visit by boat, especially some sulphur waters very close to Panarea. There the water is warm and bubbles come up, working as a natural hydromassage with therapeutic properties. Renting a boat means to be able to visit also the other small islands near Panarea; Basiluzzo would be a great example of a close place where one can go relax in an uncontaminated beach.

If you are more the cultural type you might go and visit the churches of San Pietro and Dell’Assunta, simple and with a great view on the sea. 

If you are more the party type, the nightlife of Panarea will capture you until your desires will be satisfied to your liking.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to have fun!

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