Salina is the second biggest of the islands and is completely independent from the patronage of Lipari. 

Its former name is Didyme, from the ancient Greek “twins”. It refers to the two major mountains of the Island, Monte Fossa and Monte Porri, which have overall similar characteristics.

Salina is the composition of six ancient exhausted volcanoes, of which the biggest example is Monte Fossa delle Felci, with its 962 meters of height.

This fertile land hosts the biggest and best productions of capers and malvasia wine, with many excellences scattered in the three cities of the island: Malfa, Santa Marina, and Leni.

The range of activities here is very wide, from trekking roads on the mountains and birdwatching to relaxing luxury services. The “green” word fits Salina very well. She is not only fertile, but also attentive to ecosystem, climate change and impact on nature, meaning there’s a lot of care for sustainability in all the possible aspects. 

There are a lot of wonders in Salina: shores, harbours, forests, mountains, seas, and they can be visited either by land or by sea. 

If you are searching for the most romantic outcomes during your trip, you are surely going to visit the sunset in Pollara, the best panoramic spot of the island, but many other places are good candidates, from the beauty of the view of the Stromboli erupting at night in all the north-east side, to the height and the wonderful views on the west side. 

Everyone coming on the island will go for activities like wine tasting in the producers’ estates, caper picking in the fields, and then will benefit of the classy dinners of the best restaurants on the island, Michelin-starred or not.

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