Stromboli is the mighty active volcano that gives a special touch to the Aeolian Islands. It’s that towering mountain that glows red in the night, that big pipe that blows big grey smokes like it was a chimney, with the durability of a long fire and the power of a bomb.

It’s known that many minor events are constantly registered here, but only a few times big eruptions abrupted the sky with the morbid spectacle of the smoke mushroom.

Stromboli is a very hot land, with black sand and stone, where people come and go to spend a good couple of days during their holidays. 

The most attractive activity is the climb of the volcano, where people are guided to the top of the crater, whose opening faces the opposite side of the city (therefore it’s safe to go there). The trail to reach the crater is quite long, so it’s not recommended for the faint-hearted and the lazy ones.

Stromboli offers very peculiar shops, and very typical cuisine of the islands. One might walk up and down for half day without even noticing just to see everything people from the place have to offer.

Close by there’s the Strombolicchio, the remnant of an ancient volcanic cone, where boat trips are practiced to show newcomers another beautiful piece of the Aeolian Sea.

In Stromboli you can also move to Ginostra, a fraction of the main town, only reachable by boat. Its 40 inhabitants will give tourists the welcome when they pass by their houses. This place has got electricity for the first time only in 2004 and mostly through solar panels, so don’t expect it to be shining in the night.

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