Volcanic Emotions


9 days – 8 nights

from € 2,100.00*

The Aeolian archipelago, forged by fire, wind, and sea, includes two active volcanoes: Stromboli and Vulcano.

Trekking, snorkelling, and many other activities dedicated to the discovery of the self and the nature, will accompany you in an exciting trip. You’ll climb up mountains and see landscapes that you will remember forever. Let yourself be fascinated by the strength of the volcanos, breathe deeply, and you will get in touch with the magnetic strength of the Aeolian land. You will live the spectacle of the lava flows, the steam casts, and you will benefit from the sulfur muds. For this experience we have selected structures in perfect Aeolian mood, characterized by simplicity and charm. Thanks to this adventure you will regain physical and mental balance, and you will taste unique flavors.

*Price is per person and it will be defined in consideration of period, type of accommodation and special requests of the guests. Every package is customizable depending on the needs of our clients.


Day 1 - Welcome in Vulcano

You will arrive at Catania airport, take a transfer to Milazzo, the port near the Aeolian Islands, and then take the hydrofoil to Vulcano.  After check-in, the first day on this volcanic land will be dedicated to wellness and free time. Vulcano is pretty lively during the summer season, but you will take the best of your trip during the peculiar experiences of the next days of stay. You can invest your evening enjoying the landscapes and the shores, before going back to the hotel.

Day 2 - Mud Pools and Trekking

After a delicious breakfast you will go to the sea and to the mud pools. It is mostly recommended and beneficial to go to such places, because they are able to restore the inner and outer balance of the body.

After lunch, you will go on a trekking trail on the mount, arriving at its peak when it’s sunset time. The view you can have here is only comparable to few others around these lands.

Day 3 - Boat tour around Vulcano and Lipari – Wine tasting

During your third day you will relax on a boat tour around Vulcano and Lipari, two islands close to each other. The tall mountains and cliffs around the coast are famous to make even the bravest person feel small. Afternoon with a wine tasting, then out for dinner.

Day 4 - Salina – Relax & Massage

Day four is the last you will see Vulcano. You will go to Salina right after breakfast. 

The hydrofoil to Salina from Vulcano takes less than one hour to arrive, so you will have all your day ahead of you. 

When you get to Salina, you will be transferred to your new hotel room. After that, take your time to relax, and explore the island as much as you can. This green land is made out of six former volcanoes, and there is a lot to see about them. You will spend the afternoon in the name of wellness, with a relaxing massage. A good thing to do during sunset time is to dive into an infinity pool, with all the beautiful colours of the land becoming reddish to your back, and the sea becoming pink and red in front of you. You will be free for dinner as well.

Day 5 - Trekking

Your fifth day will be in the name of trekking. You will climb up Monte Fossa delle Felci, the highest point of Salina and the whole archipelago, through paths scattered in the forest. The slopes are mostly easy, even if a couple of them might be challenging, and the experience takes up to four hours to be completed.

Day 6 - Boat tour around Salina – Tasting of Local Products

Your stay will shift into a relaxing boat tour, to move then to a tasting of typical products made in Salina. This time will be completely dedicated to yourself. We will give you a few suggestions to choose from one of the best restaurants to dine in the island.

Day 7 - Stromboli & Free time

You will have a last breakfast in Salina, then you will move to Stromboli, the most active volcano of the area. The Isle is full of activity and you will find your chance to relax on your first day of stay. There are a lot of places to visit here, and we will give you the proper directions not to miss anything important during your free time.

Day 8 - Trekking up the Volcano

Once you will have become familiar with the place, you will go trekking on the Stromboli itself, the volcano. 

This is one of the most valuable activities one can do in the Aeolian Islands, since it creates a bond between physical activity, geology, flora knowledge and unobstructed vision to beautiful landscapes.

When you will be back, it will be time for another satisfying dinner in one of the best restaurants the archipelago has to offer.

Day 9 - Last Morning – Transfer to Catania Airport

You will have time to have breakfast, then you will board the hydrofoil to Milazzo. Following, a transfer will take you to the airport of Catania Fontanarossa.

What is included?

8 nights stay in ***/***Hotel
Daily full breakfast
Private Transfer between Catania airport and Milazzo on days 1,9
Hydrofoil tickets on days 1,4,7,9
Taxi on days 4,7
Private boat tour on days 3,6
Trekking with a local guide on days 2,5,8
Wine Tasting on day 3
Massage on day 4
Assistance 24/7

What is not included?

Extras and services not mentioned under “included”
Hotel incidentals (room service, laundry service, extra)


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