Vulcano, the legendary island of the Greek god of the forge Efesto, was once named Hierà.

Today it is the refuge of the black sands, the sulphur muds and obsidian, easily reachable in 45 minutes from the mainland by hydrofoil.

None can escape the beauty of this once super-active volcanic complex, land full of scars and layers of geological ages, known since the ancient times. 

The food production is very modest, and there’s a specialty here, that everyone tastes when they come: the goat cheese and ricotta, and the blackberry marmalade, diamond tips of the island. 

Will you walk the old paths and go trekking? Will you visit the narrow lanes in the town, searching for some shelter and some fresh fish? Or maybe you will sit and relax into a 5-star luxury hotel, watching the time pass by? 

Whatever the guest chooses to do, recovery and energy are the two words that most fit this welcoming black pearl in the blue sea.

Vulcano is the only place where you have a clear vision of all the other islands from the top of the mountain, despite it being one of the shortest in terms of height. Lovely, isn’t it?

Right before the sunset, people also like to go to the “Valle dei Mostri” (Monsters’ Valley), a place so called because the rocks took the shapes of some kind of feral beasts, carved by the natural forces of wind, sea and fire.

No one that has just got here in Vulcano ever regrets being at the Islands, knowing how many beautiful natural spots they will have seen.

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